Endocrinology and Nutrition

Endocrinologist and nutritionist service in Barcelona

The Endocrinology, Nutrition, and Dietary Service studies and treats the endocrine and metabolic diseases in a coordinated fashion with the Digestive System Service and the Medical/Surgical Obesity service, in order to offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and personalised treatment for each patient in each of the following pathologies:



Metabolic Syndrome



Thyroid Cancer

Adrenal Adenoma

In our quest as nutritional educators, at ServiDigest Medical/Surgical Centre we recommend following a balanced diet, doing adequate, regular, and controlled physical exercise, and periodically consulting with a specialist in order to control our metabolism.

Abandoning the Mediterranean diet, changing our eating habits, living sedentary lifestyles, new social and work habits, stress, and so on have led us to suffer from endocrine disorders that can lead to excess weight.

In this sense, the re-education of eating habits through individualized dietary treatments can contribute to definitively solving cases of mild excess weight and moderate obesity.