Medical Team

Highly qualified specialists.

Meet the team

Keenly aware of a person’s emotional state upon visiting a health care facility, the professional team at ServiDigest attends its patients from a perspective both personal and understanding.

At ServiDigest we believe that teamwork allows us to provide our patients with better service, which is also rewarding for our professionals.

ServiDigest is made up of specialists who are highly qualified professionals with top scientific training with the purpose of offering quality service in a personalised and comprehensive manner.

One of the goals of the Centre and its professionals is being constantly up-to-date on scientific advances, participating and attending the most important national and international congresses and courses in their respective specialities.

All our specialists in the Digestive System, General, Digestive, and Metabolic Surgery, Endocrinology, Nutrition and so on share the patient’s clinical history through the use of a computer system that utilizes the information, the synergy, the resources, and the medical knowledge of the different professionals, making your medical attention truly effective, precise, and comprehensive.

Our interest is not only medically based or for the welfare of our patients; we also want them to feel treated as humanly as possible. Personalized attention and quality of treatment are two pillars of our work.

This work is performed by the professionals in each and every one of the different work areas of ServiDigest.

At ServiDigest we will never be finished travelling on the road to excellence. We always strive to improve and to provide quality service at the highest level.

Each step towards the healing process of our patients is a success.