The main objective of the ServiDigest Foundation is people’s wellbeing through health, quality of life and culture.

We believe that people’s health, cultural development and good quality of life help them live life fully, with satisfaction and healthy in mind and body.

The first aim of the ServiDigest Foundation is to promote health and prevent disease by means of healthy habits, by selecting and using the most advanced technology and being committed to continuous medical training through the participation in courses and congresses, nationally and internationally.

The second aim is quality of life, which helps prevent illness and promotes people’s physical and mental wellbeing. To improve quality of life, we recommend regular exercise, leisure activities and good dietary habits, in a careful, balanced manner. We will develop these topics in this section.

The final aim is culture.The mind needs to be active, enjoying the knowledge and experience to be gained from literature, music, art, history, travel, etc., in order to develop our intellect and improve our knowledge.

In this section, we provide information about the Foundation’s activities in order to communicate and interact with people and society in general.