Digestive Endoscopy

The ServiDigest Medical/Surgical Centre has a unit that specializes in the endoscopic treatment of digestive and metabolic pathologies in Barcelona

Digestive Endoscopy Service is a highly important part of digestive medicine today.

Endoscopy has allowed medical professionals to explore the interior of the human body through the introduction of an optic device in order to see internal tissues. It has also allowed biopsies to be taken and analysed in order to determine the seriousness of a lesion with great exactitude.

It is a very important diagnostic and therapeutic advance that is continuously evolving; a technique that allows for the performance of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies that provide answers and treatment for many pathologies.

Currently there is a very high incidence of colon cancer. Endoscopic studies are basic for the prevention of the appearance of this cancer.
Endoscopic treatments may be bothersome for the patient, which is why our service performs different types of sedation for better levels of tolerance.

The following endoscopic techniques are performed at ServiDigest:





◦Endoscopic biopsy

◦Endoscopic macro-biopsy

◦Endoscopic polypectomy

◦Endoscopic marker (endoscopic tattoo)

◦Endoscopic resection of tumours

◦Endoscopic haemostatic techniques

◦Fulguration with argon gas

◦Endoscopic extraction of foreign bodies
◦Endoscopic dilatation

◦Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

◦Endoscopic papillotomy-sphincterotomy

◦Endoscopic extraction of gallstones

◦Endoscopic placement and extraction of prosthetics