InCode Nutri

Genetics is another factor in excess weight and obesity.

InCode Nutri is a genetic study aimed at achieving the best treatment for overweight and obese patients.

Besides poor nutritional habits, lack of exercise, age, or the sex of the patient who suffers from excess weight or obesity, it is also important to consider the genetic predisposition of the patient.

The genetic composition of each person (the information contained in our DNA) influences the individual susceptibility to gain weight.

Currently 50% of all cases of excess weight and obesity are due to inherited genetic factors.

Knowing our genetic profile provides us with key information in order to develop a comprehensive and totally personalized weight loss program.

Using the DNA of the patient provided through saliva or blood samples, this genotyping tool indicates the genetic characteristics of the patient and offers highly valuable information for identifying the most adequate preventive and/or therapeutic measures for weight control, and will also help us to prevent and/or treat the diseases associated with being overweight and obesity (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, fatty liver, cardiovascular diseases, etc.).

Knowing the genetic profile of a patient is especially indicated in cases where:

◦Many diets have been attempted unsuccessfully.
◦Weight that has been lost after following diets has been easily gained back.
◦Children or young adults whose causes of obesity are unclear.