Apollo Method

The Apollo method is an innovative endoscopic intervention with successful results, suitable for the treatment of obesity.

It consists of the reduction of the stomach by endoscopic means, with the realization of internal sutures in the gastric wall to diminish its size, achieving a slowdown in the gastric emptying of foods, causing an effect of early satiety and delaying the appearance of the feeling of hunger.

The Apollo method is an endoscopic procedure during which no external incisions are made, making it a safe and minimally invasive method to reduce the capacity of the stomach through the oral pathway, without the need to open up any access route.

This technique permits rapid recovery, as many of the drawbacks of conventional surgery are bypassed. In addition to the preservation of gastric anatomy, it is a repeatable, minimally invasive technique with a low complication rate, involving prior preparation similar to that employed for a conventional gastroscopy, with excellent long-term results.

Once the endoscopic intervention has been performed, the ServiDigest Clinic establishes a follow-up programme to achieve the necessary weight loss, by means of the results of the technique and the changes in nutrition and habits determined by the multi-disciplinary team specializing in the digestive system, endoscopies, endocrinology, nutrition and clinical psychology.

We have a specialist team of highly-qualified professionals with scientific training in the treatment of metabolic pathologies such as obesity, providing high-quality, comprehensive and personalized medical care.