Clinical Psychology and Health

At ServiDigest Medical Centre we believe in the multidisciplinary character of health as established by the World Health Organization (WHO), making the Clinical Psychological and Health Service available to our patients.

The WHO defines health as “a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being; not merely the absence of illness”.

Our greatest goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle in three major aspects of psychology: Emotional, Behavioural, and Cognitive.
To do so, we have extensively educated and experienced professionals who work alongside the other medical specialists and health professionals at our ServiDigest Medical Centre.

To reach this goal, our Clinical Psychology and Health Service evaluates, advises, and/or intervenes in the psychological variables related to the appearance and maintenance of the different digestive, endocrine, metabolic, and nutritional diseases, especially excess weight and obesity, which can in turn interfere with the compliance of the medical treatment and its later success.

What are the most common psychological variables that can constitute risk factors?

◦Alterations to one’s frame of mind
◦Maladjusted levels of anxiety
◦Presence of complicated mourning periods
◦Interpersonal conflicts
◦Passive and/or aggressive styles of communication
◦Predominance of negative affection
◦Personal abandonment

Some of these, depending on their seriousness, can constitute disorders in and of themselves, such as the case of an alteration in one’s frame of mind, which can lead to depression, or a complicated mourning period motivated by a loss we feel to be irreplaceable.