New Web Portal

ServiDigest wishes to share the new blog with you. It is dedicated to food and focuses on the areas most requested by our patients.

As an Integrated Medical and Surgical Centre for the Digestive System, Metabolism and Obesity, our specialities are closely linked to nutritional education.

The dynamic blog presents our point of view on eating healthily. We focus on providing advice for all people with any disorder related to the digestive system, metabolism and obesity. The aim is to inform more people and promote interaction between people with the same needs.

We all have some knowledge about the meaning of healthy eating, and we can easily answer when asked to define a healthy diet.

Today, we lack time to cook and, at the same time, there is a wide range of food available. In this context, knowing what, when and how we should cook becomes an art. If a disorder affecting the digestive system is added to these difficulties, such as gluten intolerance, gastritis, an irritable bowel, high cholesterol, overweight or obesity, eating appropriately becomes necessary as part of the treatment.

We are experiencing a fantastic moment for gastronomy. Many chefs are choosing to make healthier food than in recent years. We are creating a new way of cooking, in which we are increasingly being bombarded with the importance of organic products, the use of fewer additives in order to respect and enhance the natural flavour of the food, smaller portions, and vegetables cooked in a variety of ways served as an accompaniment.

For this reason, we must be committed to healthy eating and discover that eating healthily can be a pleasure, especially for the taste buds. In this way, we can adopt new eating habits to improve and replace previous poor habits. The aim is to combine gastronomic pleasure with satisfaction for the benefits obtained.

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