Our primary objective is to provide customised, quality people-focused care. To achieve this, it is essential to dedicate sufficient time to each patient.

We believe that listening to patient problems and helping them overcome problems can sometimes be more beneficial than a prescription.

Each patient is different, with diverse problems and needs. For this reason, it is essential to dedicate the necessary time. A doctor’s psychological support is very important for people, especially when they have an illness.

It is fundamental that the entire professional team of doctors, nurses, health and administrative staff, etc., are happy and motivated by their work, which we consider to be the most important: caring for people’s health so that they have a better quality of life.

Scientific medical technology is constantly evolving, but it is necessary to select and apply the advances in medical and surgical practice that bring out real improvement.

At our centre, we have the means to provide high quality medical care, but it is necessry to be cautious regarding constant new developments. Techniques should be selected that really do help diagnose and treat conditions earlier, and which have been accredited with proven, real effectiveness for patients.

Our work as a team includes family doctors and specialists that collaborate with our Centre.

We value communication and co-ordination with all medical professionals that entrust us with diagnosing their patients, providing the results of endoscopy diagnosis tests and functional digestive tests (manometries, 24-hour pH-metry, breath tests, etc.), and other medical consultations made to us by doctors.

In cases in which we observe and special or urgent pathology, we contact the doctor responsible for the patient to inform them of the results and evaluate the best treatment together.

The best treatment is prevention and this is our main objective at ServiDigest.

We believe in Preventative Medicine.

It is fundamental to diagnose conditions in the early stages. This is when the medical, endoscopic or surgical treatment can cure conditions fully.

We recommend healthy habits, a suitable, balanced diet and regular physical exercise, in a society that is too sedentary.