Carlos Rodríguez-Otero Luppi, MD

Specialist Physician for General Surgery and Digestive Surgery, and Surgery for Obesity

Carlos Rodríguez-Otero Luppi, MD is Medical Coordinator of the Surgery Service at ServiDigest Clinic in Barcelona.

Specialist Doctor in General Surgery and Digestive Surgery at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau de Barcelona. Registration nº 42723 at the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona.

Specialist Training in General Surgery and Digestive Surgery as an in-house resident doctor at the University Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Continuous training with participation and attendance of courses and the most relevant congresses on General Surgery and del Digestive Surgery -Surgery for Obesity.

Member of the main scientific societies related to General Surgery and the Digestive System specialisation, and Surgery for Obesity.