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Stomach reduction by endoscopy (Gastric Sleeve – Apollo Method).

The Apollo method is gastric reduction by endoscopy which is prescribed for the treatment of obesity, using the advanced OverStitch Endoscopic Suture System by Apollo Endosurgery.

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Stomach reduction with Apollo Method at ServiDigest Clinic, in Barcelona.

It consists of a reduction of the stomach by endoscopy through the performance of a series of sutures on the stomach wall, creating folds that reduce the size and capacity of the gastric cavity, thus preventing the stomach from stretching and making room for food, and ensuring rapid satiation and delaying the onset of hunger.

The Apollo method is an endoscopic procedure with no external incisions, making it a safe and minimally invasive method for reducing the capacity of the stomach through the oral pathway, without the need to open up any access route through the abdomen.

Once the endoscopy has been performed, the protocol of Clínica ServiDigest involves a monitoring programme to help achieve the objective of losing weight, by combining the results of the technique with the changes in the patient’s eating habits and their adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

The monitoring programme is essential for achieving the best results and is supervised by a cross-disciplinary team of specialists in the Digestive Apparatus-Endoscopy, Endocrinology, Nutrition and Diet, and Clinical Psychology

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