Intragastric Balloon


Endoscopic treatment for obesity. 6 months balloon.

An intragastric balloon is a high-quality silicon balloon which is inserted and extracted through endoscopy inside the stomach to produce a feeling of satiation.

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An endoscopic intragastric balloon (EIB) is prescribed for people who have tried all manner of weight-loss diets without achieving the desired results.

Many of our patients have achieved their ideal weight with this treatment by Clínica ServiDigest.

Without surgery, the Intragastric Balloon consists of the endoscopic insertion of a silicon ball containing saline solution into the stomach and keeping it there for up to 6 months.

During this period, the sensation of satiation produced by the ball leads the patient to become accustomed to a lighter, less copious diet.

The intragastric balloon is a high-quality silicone ball with a maximum security valve system. It is designed to remain in the stomach for 6 months and produce a sensation of fullness and satiation.

After this period, it is extracted by endoscopy under full anaesthetic.

This endoscopic treatment is prescribed for patients who are overweight or have type I or type II obesity, and occasionally for patients with type III or IV.

The cross-disciplinary team of doctors specialising in the Digestive Apparatus, Endoscopy, Endocrinology, Nutrition, Diet and Clinical Psychology always assess the personal and clinical situation of each patient to determine the best treatment for their level of excess weight or obesity.

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What does your purchase include?

First Visit to a consultant in Endocrinology.

First Visit to a consultant in Digestive Apparatus.

Non-reported electrocardiogram.

Stomach endoscopy. Placement of intragastric balloon.

Medical Fees for Placement of Intragastric Balloon via endoscopy.

Material + medication.

Anaesthetic and Anaesthetist Fees for Placement of Intragastric Balloon.

Personal medical supervision for six months by the cross-disciplinary team of specialists in the Digestive Apparatus, Endocrinology, Diet and Clinical Psychology.

Medical Fees for Extraction of Intragastric Balloon by Endoscopy.

Anaesthetic and Anaesthetist Fees for Extraction of Intragastric Balloon.

What is not included?

Reported Electrocardiogram.

Clotting test.

Pathological anatomy, where necessary.

Therapeutic endoscopy if there are polyps in the stomach.

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