Diagnostic technique for prevention and early detection of colon and rectal cancer.

The most effective treatment for cancer of the colon is prevention.

The importance of prevention lies in the early detection of lesions in pre-malignant states through the performance of a colonoscopy, an essential endoscopic study to determine any disorder affecting the colon.

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A colonoscopy or endoscopy of the colon, also known as fibrocolonoscopy, is a vital part of the diagnosis and prevention of polyps in colon and bowel cancer, which enables a detailed examination of the colon to identify any existing lesions, and thus allows for the extraction of biopsies, and the performance of any complementary therapeutic procedures that may be necessary.

Is is a safe and effective diagnostic procedure which can detect any inflammatory condition or tumour in the colon.

A colonoscopy uses a long, flexible tube with a camera on the end, which is inserted into the anus and transmits light and images to a monitor in real time. It contains an internal channel which can be used to introduce any type of apparatus needed to perform therapeutic procedures.

It is performed as an outpatient service under sedation, so that the patient suffers no pain during the procedure.

Why is prevention so important?

Colon cancer affects a large proportion of the population of our country, and is the most common form of cancer in both men and women.

Many people suffering from colon cancer do not display any signs or symptoms during the early stages of the disease. In order to avoid its development it is necessary to take preventive measures, such as the regular performance of colonoscopies (essential for the early diagnosis and treatment of this condition).

The main reasons for a colonoscopy are for the prevention of bowel cancer, the monitoring and extraction of polyps, suspected inflammatory bowel disease, changes in defecating habits and the study of abdominal symptoms in general.

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Full rectal colonoscopy.

Anoscopy with proctology exam.

Biopsies, where required.


Outpatient surgery.

Outpatient material and medication.

Preparation of an endoscopy report with associated images.

Excluded from this Plan

Therapeutic endoscopic operations and other unrelated medical procedures, endoscopies or surgery (if any are required, special financial conditions shall apply).

Anatomical pathology study where necessary, including an immunohistochemical study (if required, special financial conditions shall apply).

Pre-operation: electrocardiogram and blood clotting test.

Endoscopic therapeutic operations and other unrelated medical procedures, endoscopies or surgery:
– Endoscopic polypectomy (one therapy session).
– Endoscopic haemostasis techniques.
– Sclerosis with endoscopic marker.
– Argon gas lesion coagulation.
– Digital chromoendoscopy.
– Re-section of tumours.
– Others.